TC 522 L-L

Available versions:

TC 522 L-L | Standard version
TC 522 L-L S | Special bead breaker included
TC 522 L-L PG | Inflating pedal
TC 522 L-L PGS | Inflating pedal + Special bead breaker included
TC 522 L-L IT | Inflating system integrated into the slides
TC 522 L-L ITS | Sistema di gonfiaggio integrato alle corsie + Special bead breaker included

TC522 LL / TC528 LL range: it represents a new generation of automatic tyre changers using Lever Less technology (M&B Patent), designed to provide the best solutions for the mounting and demounting of all last generation wheels available on the market (UHP and Run Flat – RSC). The new LL working technology combined with the traditional turntable with clamps allows the operator to maintain the working procedures unchanged, to reduce his physical effort and not to vary the demount and mounting timing.