TC 555 SL-4

Automatic tyre changer using LeverLess technology, with centre post turntable and a “combi” bead breaking system: with disc and with blade. The TC555 SL-4 work on all latest generation UHP and Run Flat tyres up to rim diameter of 30“.
LL demounting group (Leverless – M&B patent): System with double support to the rim to reduce flexions and tensions on the bead and on the rim edge. It strongly reduces the physical effort by the operator.

Helper group for mounting UHP and Run Flat tyres (optional) with new handle more practical, fast and ergonomic.
Wheel clamping, fast and safe, with centre post turntable system
Double bead breaker arm with disc, with double movement penetration. Powerful and precise, allows you to operate on every type of tire, including the possibility of matching tire rim in one operation.
Blade system for all conventional wheels
Inflating of the tyre clamped and secured on the turntable centre post.