TC 528

Available versions:

TC 528 | Special bead breaker included
TC 528 PG | Inflating pedal
TC 528 IT | Inflating system integrated into the slides

TC522 / TC525 / TC528 range: it represents a new generation of tyre changing machines designed to provide all the best solutions for the mounting and demounting of all tyre types available on the market. The problems that arise from constant changes in the tyre and wheel sector (UHP and Run Flat – RSC) require special consideration. With these models, M&B is on the cutting edge in the resolution of problems and setting quality standards.

The TC528 range is equipped with an innovative design turntable with mobile clamps giving a clamping range from 10” to 28” (inside) for aluminium rims and from 12” to 31” (outside) for steel rims and with the special 4 positions bead breaking arm (S version).