SNIPER MOBILE ADAS: the new CCD wheel aligner with integrated ADAS kit and Monkeys patented super-fast clamps.
The wheeled cabinet acts as a support and recharging point for the CCD sensors and can be easily positioned in the workshop thanks to the pivoting wheels which make it suitable for all work environments. The system is managed via a rubber toughpad with Windows 10 operating system, allowing the operator to work easily and safely even under the vehicle.
The operator’s activity is made even faster and more efficient by the Monkey 3-point clamps attached to the tyre.  The Monkey clamps are patented and guarantee speed and perfect grip on the tyre.
Once the alignment of the car has been checked, the ADAS kit allows to position the CCD detectors on any ADAS/ACC calibration structure using universal adapters and facilitate its positioning, by means of an intuitive procedure included in the alignment program.