Automatic tyre changer ideal for use in repair shops and tyre shops. Designed to operate on car and light commercial vehicle wheels and on motorcycle wheels with the appropriate accessories.
Pneumatic rear tilting post granting the maximum rigidity.
Simultaneous vertical and horizontal arm locking system, vertical arm with spring return.
Conic bushes and device to minimize tolerances to reduce bending in case of Run-flat tyres.
Square turntable with locking capacity up to 24”. It is equipped with a system with opposing jaws and with two cylinders of Ø 80 mm and grants an optimal clamping force on all types of rims.
Bead breaker with ergonomic arm to operate on wheels up to 13” width.
Removable pedal unit for easy maintenance. Four pedals aligned in the front.
Prepared for the connection of the inflating gun. For a tyre pressure up to max 10 bar.

TC630TF with HPX-WS side presser that allows easily carrying out all the mounting and dismounting operations of Run-flat and UHP tyres. Equipped with rim pressing cone, standard bead pressing roller arm, additional rotating bead pressing arm and bead lifting disc.