Video balancer with premium features for maximum precision and balancing speed

MB600 is the video touch wheel balancer equipped with automatic gauge for a correct measurement of distance and diameter, Sonar system for automatic detection of rim width and Laser Spotter that indicates the exact position for stick-on weights application inside the rim, granting the greatest accuracy during the correction.

MB600 is provided with Direct Matching for the visualization of the best possible matching to reduce eccentricity and with Tyre Set software that indicates the best wheel positioning on the vehicle to get the best ride (conicity) and to minimize wheel vibrations (eccentricity) .
OPB One Plane Balancing program, automatically indicates the exact point inside the rim where it is possible to balance the wheel minimizing both static and dynamic imbalance, using only one counterweight. AutoAdaptive Mode detects wheel weight and dimensions and calculates the tolerance value that will cancel any vibration perceived on the steering wheel, granting the highest comfort when driving.
The wheel balancer is equipped with Automatic Approach system: automatic wheel stop close to the points of application of correction weights and electric brake to lock the wheel in position.  

Available with manual or pneumatic locking (MB600P).

Optional Sonar EMS (1st Harmonic and Peak to Peak) Automatic and quick eccentricity measurement during the normal balancing cycle with fast indication of possible matching and HubMatch.