Automatic tyre changer with LeverLess technology to work on all latest generation UHP and Run Flat tyres up to rim diameter of 30“. Quick and safe wheel locking with with adjustable height centre post system and new rubber surface to allow the clamping of “reverse” rims even directly on the plate itself.
LL demounting group (Leverless – M&B patent): system with double support to the rim to reduce flexions and tensions on the bead and on the rim edge. It strongly reduces the physical effort by the operator.
Vertical arm with increased thickness of 41 mm to ensure greater rigidity even with particularly “hard” wheels and equipped with a mechanism that reduces any bending even after prolonged use.

The horizontal arm is locked by means of a cylinder. The roller at the base of the horizontal arm ensures optimal sliding, and since it is blocked by an eccentric it can be used to reduce the clearance that can be generated with use.
Horizontal arm, 2” higher, allows working on wheels up to a maximum width of 16”. A new fastening system facilitates its perfect sliding.
Bead breaker with enhanced force thanks to increased rod and cylinder diameters.
Helper group (optional) for mounting UHP and Run Flat tyres with new handle more practical, fast and ergonomic.
Proportional inverter motor with 0-16 rpm rotation speed. Proportional operation allows stepless speed change.
Inflating of the tyre clamped and secured on the turntable centre post.